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Amy Zima

About Amy Zima

Amy Zima is a consumer-focused product manager at Spotify, working on the future of their mobile user experience from their Stockholm HQ. Originally from the UK, Amy has several years of experience in the product trenches — from early stage startups, to media orgs, to large tech companies. In her spare time, she enjoys running and is a qualified wine geek. She received a BA in English from Goldsmiths, University of London.

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Killing Products

Is your app a graveyard of features you built years ago that never took off? Or perhaps your experience has evolved and a feature that was once central to your experience is now tired and unused. Or perhaps your entire product has had its time. 

This is a familiar scenario in all but the newest product launches. But how do you figure out whether Is it worth maintaining something that has a small amount of loyal fans? 

In her talk, Killing Products, Amy will offer practical advice about how to assess whether time’s up for your feature, some tips on how to go about killing features, and describe her own successes and failures taking products to the end of their life.