Dan Saffer

Senior Staff Product Designer


Dan Saffer

About Dan Saffer

Dan is a designer and the author of four books on design, his most infamous being Microinteractions. At Twitter, he works on the onboarding team, using UX + AI/ML to get people the best experience in the shortest time.

On the web @odannyboy


Gaming the Future

Increasingly, the systems that designers work on are non-linear, information- and decision-heavy, and have complex rules that users are trying to navigate in order to achieve their goals. In other words, they’re more like games than traditional products. This talk will explore how game thinking can help us design AI/ML/Algorithmically-generated products.

We’ll discuss not only how games can influence our thinking, but also look at how we can use games during the design process as well, to uncover different scenarios and holes in product strategy.


A Practical Approach to Designing the Future

How do you convince a client or organization to invest in ideas that are not incremental or immediately obvious? Ideas that take more than a quarter or two to do? How do you make investing in the future feel achievable?

In this workshop, we’ll walk you through a process we used at Twitter to generate new product ideas that we can execute on in the next two to four years. These ideas are based on emerging use cases and social and technological trends.

We’ll start by reviewing these trends for the next decade, as well as a set of use cases and their circumstances. We’ll then use writing as a design tool to generate concrete ideas for the future.

What you'll learn 
You’ll walk away with a practical process for visualizing and socializing ideas that aren’t obviously on your organization’s roadmap.