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More Than Metrics

Marc Stickdorn

About Marc Stickdorn

Marc is well-known in the global service design community. His award-winning books ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ and ‘This is Service Design Doing’ are foundational texts for service designers around the world. He is also the co-founder and CEO of 'More than Metrics', a company that creates software for service designers, such as Smaply and ExperienceFellow. With a background in strategic management and service design, Marc consults organizations on how to sustainably embed service design in their structures, processes, and culture. He regularly speaks at conferences, and teaches service design at various universities and executive education programs. When he's not working, Marc loves travelling with his family in his camper van, sailing, or riding his motorcycle.


Embedding Service Design in your Organisation through Journey Maps

Service design established itself as a now wide-spread approach to innovate services – or more generally to innovate experiences of customers, employees, and citizens. 

In his talk, Marc briefly describes service design for those new to it, but then focus on the difference between theory and practice of using service design to really have an impact on people. 

He outlines how you can embed service design sustainably in organizations along the "12 commandments of service design”. 

Finally, Marc introduces a new way of using Journey Maps to coordinate all projects impacting customer and employee experience across organisational silos.


Scaling Design through Journey Maps

A masterclass on how to embed and scale service design throughout organizations by using journey maps as a customer-centric management tool for agile organizations.

Nowadays, organizations run dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of agile projects that all impact customer and/or employee experience. Only few of these projects are innovation or design projects – many of these are changes in SOPs, implementing legal changes (such as GDPR), IT updates, and so on. These projects impact CX/EX, but are hardly coordinated. In general, organizations struggle with managing multiple agile teams.

Journey Maps are typically used as a design tool. However in this workshop you’ll learn how to use Journey Maps to manage and track a whole range of projects impacting the CX/EX. Using Journey Map this way can help you identify overlaps and contradictions between running and planned projects. Marc will provide hands-on tips how to set this up in your organization or in your client's organization, and share 20 lessons learned on how to embed and scale service design in organizations.

What you'll cover
In this packed 3h-workshop, you'll experience a combination of presentation, hands-on work in small groups including debriefs with real examples, as well as discussions in small groups and plenary. You'll walk away with a concept on how to use journey maps as a visual management tool for agile organizations that will help you to scale service design and customer-centricity in your organization. You'll also get 20 lessons learned of embedding and scaling service design in teams and organizations. Moreover, you'll experience some facilitation tips on how to use journey maps successfully in research workshops as well as a management tool.

Who should attend this masterclass?
Participants of this masterclass should have at least a mid-level experience in service design and a concrete interest in bringing and scaling customer-centric innovation in organizations. Your position could be something like being at least a senior designer/manager and above for (service) design, innovation, ux, HCD, and similar or work for an agency/consultancy that helps organizations on their journey to become more customer-centric.